Making time with my eldest

It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day life with two little ones but carving out just a few hours here and there to spend one-on-one time with the kids individually makes so much difference. After a recent spell of quite clingy and challenging behaviour from Wills, I decided today to make the most of my husband being off work and take him out for a couple of hours – just me and him. He was so excited for a ‘date-day’ with mummy and when I asked him what he’d like to do all he wanted was to go and get fish and chips!

I decided to take him to Canterbury Cathedral for a wonder round – it was Β£12.50 for me and free for him, pretty pricy but worth it for the rare occasion we get to do things alone together! He absolutely LOVED it. From looking at all the carvings throughout the building to the pretty impressive stained-glass windows, he was smiling throughout. I was pretty shocked as it obviouly could be quite boring for a three (almost four) year old. He walked around telling me about all the Kings and Queens that lived there in “the olden days” and come the end he didn’d want to leave!

date day 2

We finished the morning off with some fish and chips and big slice of fudge from the fudge shop. It was such a simple, relaxed morning and I think we both enjoyed it as much as one another.

This boy has been such a trooper during the first year since welcoming his baby sister, the bond they have is bloody amazing but it would be deniable to say he hasn’t been affected at all. Making that little bit of time for him, alone, goes such a long way, not just for him but also for me and my own mum-guilt.

When I put him to bed tonight he said “Mum, I love you so much and our date day. Can we do that every day?” Although this is obviously not a reality, it is heart-warming and gives me that nudge to make more effort to do things like this more often.

Do you have any tips on keeping the balance with two or more kids? I’d genuinely love to hear any ideas from you!

Thanks for reading,

Amy xx

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