Fun and Festive Activities for the Kids Over the Holidays – that won’t break the bank!

Let me start by saying when I use the word ‘fun’ I totally mean for the kids.  My God, I am not super-mum and have to use my best ‘YAY’ super excited, over-enthusiastic mum voice whenever I suggest getting out the crafts.  But, as you know, mum-guilt is real and we all do our best to make special times for the kids to remember.  Some of these activities we have done and some I plan on doing over the Christmas break – especially with Daddy around to help 🙂

1.Visit to Father Christmas

This is not always cheap – I’ve seen some places charging a small fortune just for your little one to hide away and shyly take a crappy present from the big man, BUT, there are some really lovely one’s if you look locally.  We took William and Olivia to one on our town’s pier this year.  It was £3 and William got a lovely little ‘decorate your own mug’ as a gift – bonus as it took up more time in the afternoon to decorate! There was no queue and he LOVED it.  We didn’t even bother taking Olivia in as she cried the minute she saw the big man!


2. Making Christmas Cards

We did this a few days ago – as you saw on my last post.  I’d been feeling pretty rubbish – like I’d not done enough with Wills since Olivia had been poorly.  So when she was napping, we cracked out (and dusted off) the old craft box and got stuck in with paints and glitter.  Pinterest came to the rescue and we made these super easy footprint reindeer cards.  We made them for the kid’s nannies and grandad’s and they loved them.  We also made a few cards for a local pup who were holding a Christmas Party for over 70’s that will be lonely this Christmas. William enjoyed making the cards and he learnt a bit about giving to others as well – win, win.


3. Pine Cone Collecting and Decorating

Not really sure where I was heading with this one but a slow Sunday afternoon I got the kids wrapped up and nominated Nick to take them round the block on a “super fun pine cone hunt” – imagine my most enthusiastic voice! So the kids got some fresh air and I got 30 minutes peace and quiet.  Yesterday we sprayed the pine cones gold and hung some on the tree and dotted a few others around the house for decoration.

pine cones

4. Mince Pie Making

I can’t bake.  I’m just not gifted in that department and I never have been.  Saying that, each year I do make some mince pies and they are pretty easy.  William loves cutting the pastry and putting in the filling.  We haven’t made them this year but this is the super simply recipe I’ll be using from BBC Food.

mince pies

My youngest has a dairy intolerance so I’ll be subsituting the butter for Vitalite – hopefully they’ll turn out just as good!

5. Drive or Walk to see Christmas Lights

We did this last week on our way home from a friends house last week and the kids loved it.  We just drove around our local area, stopping and looking and people’s Christmas lights and decorations.  It didn’t take long and was completely free 🙂


6. Christmas Movie Night

Get cosy, grab a blanket and crack out the popcorn and hot chocolate! Olivia is too young for this but Will loves to stay up late once a week for our movie night – a real treat for him and some undivided attention from mummy and daddy.  He doesn’t always last the entire movie as he is still quite young but he never minds finishing it the next morning! We have started having a movie night roughly once a week for the past few weeks and will definitely carry it on after Christmas.  Not sure who enjoys it more – William or me 🙂

Well there it is, a few ideas to keep you going over the holidays.  I hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know if you have any more ideas that I could try!

Love Amy x


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