So I thought December was bad…

Again, apologies for the lack of blogs but the New Year hit us like a tonne of bricks.  William became ill on New Years Eve temperature, not eating etc so we cancelled our plans for friends to come over.  He got worse on New Years Day – pretty much slept most of the day on and off, which he has NEVER done before.  Olivia developed a temperature the same day so I took them both to the docs on the 2nd.  Will had tonsillitus and Olivia an ear infection.  We came home with antibiotics and all was ok.  That night Nick was up all night being sick.  He had a fever the next day and only left the bed to go to the doctors who confirmed he also had a throat infection and sent him home with antibiotics.  That night he woke me at 2am telling me to call an ambulance as he thought he was having a heart attack.  I called and the ambulance arrived within a few minutes – amazing NHS – thank you! The paramedic hooked him up to their machine and immediately called for more help – another ambulance and the critical care team.  It was pretty scary stuff but long story short his heart was racing at 266bpm and they had to shock his heart to return it to a steady rate.  They took him to a&e (I took my own car as I’d called my mum in the mean time to sit with the kids).  When we got there it continued to happen for the following 24 hours.  Once he was on the right meds things settled down and he was transferred to the corinary care ward.  It was a long 6 days to and from the hospital but he is ok now – they have diagnosed him with SVT caused by ‘abnormal electrical activity’ in the heart and he is having an operation in February.  During this time Olivia also became really unwell and ended up in a&e but luckily she was ok after a few hours.  I have no idea what caused Nick’s problem but I feel like maybe it was a pretty nasty virus that hit us and it just brought out this issue in him.  I, touch wood, have been ok – I mean I’m a mum right, pretty sure we’re made of the strong stuff!

Whilst Nick was in hospital I also became an aunty for the first time with my brother and his girlfriend having a gorgeous baby boy in the same hospital! It was totally like a little ray of sunshine in a time of misery – gorgeous baby Arthur weighing a huge 10lb 6oz! Although I would’ve preffered Nick not being in hospital, it was great managing to nip round the corner and have newborn snuggles!


Amongst all this chaos I’ve also (somehow) got a job at Will’s nursery so I’ll be working there two days a week – this week was my first week and it was pretty chaotic but I think it’s going to work out well.

So, although its’s been a pretty rough start to the new year but I am totally feeling really positive (and super tired) now things have calmed down. I pretty much feel as though it can only be up from here! I’m also feeling so so grateful to my mum and dad who have been absolute rocks over the past few weeks.  William and Olivia love their nanny Roo and Pops so so much and it’s overwhelming to see the bond they have.  It is during the hard times that you realise how lucky you are and I have definitely realised how lucky I am to have two people who care so much about me and my children.  The mum guilt leaving the kids to go to the hospital everyday was crazy but knowing they were with those two made it a whole lot easier.

Nanny Roo and William – so much love

I just thought I’d check in and let you guys know what’s been going on.  It also feels pretty therapeutic to get it all off my chest and draw a line under all the illness!

Hope you have all had a better start to the new year!

Amy x



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