Our House

Hey! We’ve been super busy this year and are finally at a stage where we are able to put a much needed extension on the side of our house.  We bought our two and a half bed semi in a seaside town in Kent in 2014 and I absolutely LOVE it here but it is just too small for us.

Our house today

Although technically, it is a three bedroom house, I call it a two and a half bed as the third room really doesn’t count as a bedroom.  It currently sleeps my two year old (still in her cot) but the room wouldn’t fit a single bed so when the time comes for her to go into a proper bed she would need to share with big brother.

We are lucky enough to have a driveway that runs down the side of our house and into the back garden so the space to extend is there.

We have a huge garage at the end of the driveway in the back garden. This will be coming down before work starts!

We were even luckier more recently to be put in touch with a friend of a friend who is a mortgage advisor.  She managed to work it so that we were able to remortgage and release some funds so we’re now at a stage where everything is ready to go – just waiting on good old planning permission!

Very exciting, very nerve-wracking.  Although we have borrowed a huge amount of money, for building an extension it’s actually a tiny budget.  This aside, I’m positive we’re going to make it work! I love a bit of DIY and am super keen on upcycling so will try to save money that way wherever I can.

I’m going to share our journey on here, some tips and tricks and probably some mistakes to avoid… Wish us luck!

Amy xx

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