Planning for an extension

This extension has been a long time coming for us.  It’s something we’ve talked about ever since buying our house in 2014 but has never been something we thought we would realistically be able to afford.  Now things are starting to happen, to say it feels like a little bit of a dream come true would be a total understatement!

Our house today

It all came about when we were put in touch with a friend of a friend who is a mortgage advisor.  After being refused for a remortgage twice before, we didn’t really think much into it, but when she came back to us saying not only could we borrow an extra sum of money but that our repayments would also be less each month, it was a no brainer!

We went ahead with the remortgage and as soon as the funds were cleared we got in touch with an architect.  We went with a local company, recommended to us by two friends who have also recently extended their homes.  They are not the cheapest BUT we decided we would much rather go on recommendation after hearing a few horror stories.

After a few meetings the final plans were drawn up and have just been submitted to the local council for planning permission.  This is where we’re at and all being well we should be ready to go in around eight weeks!

In the mean time we have decided to take down the huge garage in the bottom of our garden, to be replaced with a smaller shed.  This will create so much more space in the garden!  We need to do this before the extension begins because aftewards we will not have any side access to the garden.


In true ‘me’ fashion I’ve started a scrapbook for all the decorating and design ideas that I like.  I mean Pinterest IS amazing but you can’t beat a good ol’ fashioned bit of scrapbooking.  Plus, any opportunity to grab a magazine is good with me!

My shiny new scrapbook 🙂

I feel like it’s going to be a VERY long road before we’re ready for any decorating so collecting ideas in a scrapbook is a great way to 1.  stop myself buying random items that I might not end up needing or wanting and 2. to make sure that when the time does come, we have a clear idea of what we want and be able to stick to it!


In the next eight weeks we need to get quotes for a few things including the new kitchen, the footings being dug and the actual building work.  As we are on such a tight budget we are going to try and do as much of the work ourselves – not that either of us have the first clue about any building work! I think the main thing right now is to take it one step at a time – we are lucky that there aren’t really any time constraints.  Probably won’t be saying that in three years time 🙂


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