Rare child-free day: What I did in a day

Yesterday my mum very kindly offered to look after my two year old while the four year old was at nursery.  It was the first child-free day I’ve had in, I can’t actually remember the last time and I was determined to make the most of it and be as productive as possible.

First things first, I started the day with an AMAZING and HOT tea (lucky right!) and wrote a realistic to do list  (Turns out it wasn’t so realistic at all and I didn’t do half the stuff on it but hey, small steps!)


With a million and one things in my head that I wanted to do, I decided to try and concentrate on those jobs that have really been driving me crazy for a long time but that I never seem to manage to get done with the kids around.  Top of this was to sort my kitchen cupboards.

My kitchen is tiny (like a little galley kitchen) so cupboard space is minimal and I’ve been so fed up lately not being able to open a cupboard without some tupperware or random bits of food falling out onto me!

So, I put the radio on – even this was a luxury.  Since having an Amazon Echo I can’t listen to anything for more than a couple of seconds without the kids shouting “Alexa, play the Greatest Showman please?!”  Then I got stuck straight in.  It took waaay longer than I thought it would but I managed to get rid of FOUR black bags full of rubbish, yes FOUR!  My cupboards are now clean and much more organised.  I don’t know if its just me but when I feel like my house is organised my mind feels so much clearer to? Anyone else have this?


I didn’t take many before pictures as I got too excited and carried away but you get the idea and can probably imagine what they were like!



One of my main pet peeves were the drawers – I’m really going to try not junking them up again.  I could barely get this drawer open before the clear out! Finding random things like Christmas present labels and candles!


Before I knew it it was 3 o’ clock and time to go pick up the kids!

Although I didn’t get round to doing many of the things on my list, I do feel so much better for sorting the kitchen and just having some much needed headspace.  I love my kids to bits but to be silent, drink hot tea, eat my lunch while looking through a magazine uninterrupted, was totally blissful.  After feeling pretty snowed under at home recently, it was just what I needed. It’s so important to take a break sometimes – self care isn’t necessarily having a spa day or getting your nails done.  Just giving yourself some room to breath can make a huge difference.

Amy x

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