Garage Update: It’s gone!

Eeek things are getting real now. The garage came down last weekend – a lot sooner (and easier) than we’d originally thought. Before we took to it with a sledge hammer and a skip we decided to post a picture of the garage for free on Facebook Marketplace and to our surprise it was super popular! So we made arrangements with someone who wanted it that they would come, dismantle and collect the garage. And now it’s gone! Simple as that.

From the amount of interest we had from the Facebook post, I would hazard a guess that we probably could have actually sold it for a small amount of money but now it’s done we are just happy that it’s gone and it didn’t cost us anything in skips/vans and tip runs.

The garden feels soooo much bigger already it makes me wonder why we haven’t done this before now!

All that’s left to do is break up the concrete base and drive-way leading up to it. We’re currently trying to figure out the best way to do this but at the moment we are thinking of hiring a kango and bribing my brothers to come and help pile it all up out the front ready for a grab lorry to collect. We’ve been quoted Β£125 a load for a grab lorry which is pretty good. They estimated it would be around two loads in total.

After all the concrete is gone, we’re planning to put a small shed at the bottom of the garden and then turf the rest!

Will update when it’s all finished – hopefully wont be too long πŸ™‚

Amy xx

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