DIY PROJECT: Kids Wooden Sandpit

If your kids are anything like my little boy, there is nothing they like more than a bit of sand.

We made this sandpit around two years ago just before the arrival of number two and it has been a total life saver.

It was really simple and cost a lot less than similar things you can buy.  This is a super solid sandpit that will be there for years to come!

This cost us a total of £63.94 and was made in just one afternoon.

All you need is:

2/3 lengths of treated sawn timberbetween £3 and £8 per length from Wickes (depending on the size you want to make the sandpit).

1 sheet of plywood for the lid (cut to size) – our was around £15 from Wickes for the size we needed.

Roof feltwe already had some but you can buy a roll for around £20 from most DIY stores like B&Q, Wickes, Homesbase etc.

2 strong butt hinges£13 for  pack of two from Homebase.

1 strong bolt  – £3.49 from Homebase.  Make sure you get one that is suitable for outdoor use!

1 roll of Sprout Garden Weed Control Fabric£9.95 from Homebase.

3 or 4 bags of play sand£4 per 25kg bag from Wickes.

Nails and Screws – this depends on the size of the wood you buy but can be bought at any DIY store for no more than a few quid!

Our sandpit is not overly huge but there’s plenty of space for two or three children to play comfortably.

First, we cut the timber to size and screwed each piece together to make the rectangle shape we were after.

Then we stapled the weed control fabric to the bottom of the frame, making sure it was pulled quite tight so would be nice and flat along the bottom.  This will ensure that all the sand stays in the pit, allows drainage and stops any weeds growing up through the sand!

We cut the plywood to size and covered one side with roof felt that we already had and nailed this all the way round. This will make sure the sandpit remains dry inside when the rain hits!

Screw the hinges to one of the long sides of the frame (we used three but two would’ve been totally fine!). Then screw the other half of the hinges to the covered sheet of plywood, creating the lid.

We moved the sandpit where we wanted it (making sure the ground was nice and flat), I chose to have the sandpit close to the house so I could keep an eye on the toddler while I was inside, making dinner/feeding the baby etc!

We filled the frame with sand and Voila!

The final thing we did was attach a heavy duty bolt to the fence behind the sandpit so that the lid can be bolted up when in use.

Both kids have had hours of fun playing in the sandpit and I love the fact that it blends into the garden quite nicely, unlike the traditional blue plastic shell sandpit we would’ve gone for 😂.

Let me know if you give it a go!

Amy xx

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